This is dedicated to our special stupid friends across the river in Virginia and those in Maryland who are idiots too.


I am beginning to have my doubts about the people who come over to Maryland to use the C&O Canal paths and boat ramps. It is quite alarming to see the number of people who have absolutely no idea of the notion of common courtesy.

What happened to the day when consideration for other people at least was part of  the human equation. Just because you can afford a boat, have the cost of a ferry ride or gas money to get to a rural MD location for an outdoor outing, it does not mean that the normal rules of common courteously do not apply. For those of you who that don't have a clue you can follow these simple rules.


  1. Learn how to read, -- if you can't read take one of your pretend relative's 6 year old (none blood relative) with you so he or she can read the ABSOLUTELY NO PARKING AT ANY TIME SIGNS  that are stenciled on the ground and bolted to the sign post that you probably hit parking. There is usually a reason for the sign, like for instance it might be used for boaters who have to have a place to turnaround so they can back their boat down the boat ramp -duh   
  2. Parking --is very limited so if you bring your pretty dream vehicle and take up more than 1 parking space on a busy day, well chances are that it won't be so pretty by the time you get back from your bike ride, power walk or visit to outer space. Simple solution park in 1 space, or along the side of the road as far off the road as possible (HINT: get the specialtons with you, out of the vehicle first if applicable)  or park in the river, there is always lots of room there for parking, just not in the path of the boat ramp
  3. THE BOAT RAMP - aptly named because it is just that and not your unraised bad ass children's play ground, personal parking space, fishing spot or place stand in the way while someone is trying to back their boat in. P.S. it is also not your dog's personal territory it is not my  responsibility to attend to your  pet despite what you think, I believe that your pet will bite me and I will not allow fido to get close enough to me to test your he/she won't bite theory.
  4.  Upon arrival --the point is you setup the boat before hand so you can drop it in the water and get off the ramp as quickly as possible.
  5. Upon departure --get down get the boat on the trailer and move off the ramp and out of the way of other ramp users, before securing  your boat for the road.
  6. My Point -- I know that you think that I am wrong for calling out our neighbors across the river in Virginia, but in my defense some of the more idiotic things that I have seen in the remote locations have been done by people with VA car tags.  Like the people who waited for a boater using the turnaround spot to back down the ramp then go into it to park with me waiting to use it. I had to tell them they could not park there, don't you see the signs their reply " but there is no place to  park" I was pulling a boat and I saw plenty of parking spaces along side the road . STUPID !! STUPID !! STUPID !! or the guy this weekend who was on the boat ramp for over an hour talking and blocking  over half of the ramp putting a  maybe 80 lbs kayak on a Subaru  A special kind of stupid -- He will win the 2009 MOTARD  award of the year and he was from Virginia. I am truly amazed that this guy could  find his way across the river. In perspective -- I have actually seen a guy with a wheel chair on the ramp alone get out of the water on his kayak get in  his wheel chair and put his kayak in his van unassisted in less than 20 minutes.
  7. Finally-- Not everyone is bad, but there are a lot of stupid people out there everywhere, we all have our issues from time to time, but the world would certainly be a much better place if we all tried to be a little more considerate to those around us.