Hunting Trips

Mississipi Delta 2004  Bobby-Earl Sr- Earl Jr-Vick       Hwy 49 South Mississippi A day of Rabbit hunting Lord willing and the creek did rise Hwy 49 South  Bobby-Earl Sr- Earl Jr-Vick 2006 Hwy 49 South Mississippi  - 2006  The things you do to go Hunting    Rabbit Hunting Mississippi Delta  With (Left  to R)  Derrell-Bobby-Earl Jr-Earl Sr- VictorDerrell's 40 lbs  Ratcoon in Mississippi Delta

Mr D. Ready for a rabbit in a Mississippi cotton field  Hawk rabbit on the right I had to fight the hawk for the rabbit and  I won!!!  Hounds hot on the trail of the rabbit can someone please tell the dogs to look up !!  Hunting crew at days end Cropper-Mr D.-Bobby-Frezel-Britten and me down front