Da Fishing Report
    Date: September  5 2010

Location: Upper Potomac River - Violates Lock MD


Water Level : Down belosw average inches for this time of year

Air Temp: 80  Wind: Breezy Water Temp: mid 70's to low 80's






  Below are pictures  of some guy wading kind of far out, back in the day it used to be us. Now a days we  just kind of stay close to the bank. Old backs cant take the pressure of jumping  rock to rock!


Started fishing at  2:30 pm

Stopped fishing at 7:20 pm

Technique: Jigging 2" curly tails, worm fishing

Lure: Curly Tail


. The today I took my friend Brian out, he is the person that 1st introduced me to fishing on the Potomac in the early eighties.  Back in the days when we waded chest high water to get out to the rocks and fish. We have gotten a lot softer now the only way I get wet now is if I fall out of the boat and I have on a few occasions. My small mouth fishing mentor  moved away and forgot how to fish on the river. Brian caught a few fish but we left  the river before sunset when the action starts.