Da Fishing Report
    Date: September 4 & 5 2009

Location: Upper Potomac River - MD/VA


Water Level : Up above average inches for this time of year

Air Temp: 83  Wind: very little Water Temp: n/a



  Below are pictures  of Brian's salt water catch


Started fishing at  3:30 pm

Stopped fishing at 7:20 pm

Technique: Jigging 2" curly tails, Trolling 3" white curly tails

Lure: Curly Tail


Started trolling with little luck, jigging worked a little on the very small fish and brim. The hydrilla had gotten very high started looking for  sandy and rocky bottom places where the hydrilla could not grow.

 I destroyed my fish finder the week before so I had to go on memory to find my deep holes. True to form when the sun started going down the fish started becoming more active fat brim and 6 - 8 inch smallies.  When the sun got low in the sky (6:50 pm) it was on. Out in the middle of the river  in about 4 - 8 feet of water every thing started hit  up trolling the large curly tail along the drop offs an thru the  rocky  and sandy bottom spots semi slow. The first day by myself I caught bigger fish around the VA water intake lines got a 14" smallie there (the 1st picture)

. The second day I took my friend Brian out, he is the person that 1st introduced me to fishing on the Potomac in the early eighties.  Back in the days when we waded chest high water to get out to the rocks and fish. We have gotten a lot softer now the only way I get wet now is if I fall out of the boat and I have on a few occasions. My small mouth fishing mentor  moved away and forgot how to fish on the river. I had to enroll him in fishing 101. The fishing conditions were almost the same as the day before when the sun is going down troll the holes after it is down chase the circles  with lite tackle and 2" curly
(white, pumpkinseed or motor oil green)  or use torpedo on 8 -10 lb test on medium rod to extend your reach with out having  to get close and spook the fish. 

P.S. I would have taken a picture of him, if he actually had gotten a decent fish to the boat, he does not actually remember how to set the hook !!!