Da Fishing Report
      Date: July 12, 2008  

Location: Upper Potomac River - MD/VA


Water Level : Up 8 - 10 inches for this time of year

Air Temp: 95  Wind: SW  Water Temp: n/a

Started fishing at  4:30 pm

Stopped fishing at 8:20 pm

Technique: Jigging

Lure: Curly Tail

Started trolling lots of hits but very very lite taps in deep holes  5 - 9 feet with wind S/W heavy wind water choppy. The lite hits were the mini smallies. I guess the water was so hot the bigger fish didn't seem to be active. When the sun started going down the fish started becoming more active fat brim and 6 - 8 inch smallies.  When the sun got low in the sky (7:50 pm) it was on. Out in the middle of the river  in about 3.5 - 4 feet of water every thing started hitting hard like there was no tomorrow. Caught about 10 fish in 20 minutes. as you can see some were good size.