What stinks in The City of Baltimore
What about the state of Maryland

I am sure that if I talk to any tax paying resident of any state there will be a very long  list of complaints. But the city of Baltimore holds and deserves top billing when it comes  to being villains in what I consider to be unfair- unjust application of tax sale laws. Laws that fall way outside of Maryland's already stringent tax codes.

City of Baltimore Tax Sale

April of 2008 the general assembly passed emergency legislation that:

 1. Changed the minimum amount from $100 to $250 (utilities/misc. services) you would have to owe the city in order for your property to be included in the city of Baltimore Tax Sale.

2.  Decreased the amount of money ($500 to $250) you owed the city before they could disconnect your utilities/services.

3.  And of course they tried to reduce the amount of legal fees that the tax sale attorneys can charge  $1300.00 -- $1500.00.  Instead of the $2500.00 and up that has been the norm in the past..

In My Opinion

4.  Created a climate in which they will get a whole lot more money, by collecting additional reconnection fees and increase requirements for deposits.

5.  I have not seen the legislative bill only snippets from the paper, The only certainty is that the additional details will most likely benefit the city more and the citizens less.


"This Just Isn't Right"

 "Just Common Sense"

 "Why isn't this a crime"


Don't get mad figure out how to get satisfaction

How can you protest what seems to be an unfair unjust tax sale system in the city of Baltimore legally? It seems that I am not the only one who thinks that the legal fees associated with the tax redemption process are overly  excessive. My solution is to warn others so that they don't have to endure the excessive cost and ridicules process of freeing themselves  from the grips of an idiotic City of Baltimore tax sale system. Evidently the city of Baltimore is granted some exceptions from the state of Maryland's general tax  laws.


Help me Help you Help others FREE

You can help by looking at the tax sale list for yourself, family, friends, neighbors and others.  Give them a call to let them know that they are on the list and that if they don't take care of it immediately,  it will cost them thousands of dollars in legal fees to fix it later. Getting this information is free, it will only cost you a little time. 

"Warn others so that they don't have to endure the excessive cost and ridicules  process of freeing yourself  from the grips of an idiotic City of Baltimore tax sale system "

Warning others helps the victims of the tax sale system:

  • Become aware of their tax situation and take care of it before the cost associated with the process becomes overly excessive

        Look at the list below and let someone know

                     Notice of tax sale assignment

                     Baltimore County - Post tax data here


It also makes a statement against the Private Lawyers who evidently have too much of the power and control over the tax process. Imagine lawyers being able to charge/set their own fees. The only criteria  used in determining their fee schedule as denoted by law is that it be "Reasonable Legal Fees" charged. Talking about the fox being in charge of the hen house!!

The best reason of all is it will diminish the amount of money that the Private Lawyers  will receive during the whole process. Bottom Line Less money for Private Lawyers means more money you get to keep !!!

 And Folks that is what makes me happy   !!!!!



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